PayPal works like a Bank Account over the Internet that you can use to pay comfortable and safe.

You just need the E-Mail address of the seller to pay. It is even easier to pay Ebay purchases, because the Data of the payment handling are pre-filled. After the purchaser has send the money the seller can use it within seconds.

  • To pay with PayPal is very easy, because everybody who owns a Bank account or a Credit card can use PayPal uncomplicated to pay with it. To do this you can either recharge your PayPal account using bank transfer or the common payment made by direct debit or Credit card.
  • PayPal transfers the amount immediately to the PayPal account of the seller and the purchaser is able to see directly that the money is transferred within seconds to the seller.
  • The seller is instantly able to manage the money. If he hasn’t a PayPal account yet he can install one easily and for free. It is equally easy to add further E-Mail addresses to an existing account.

PayPal accepts every common Credit card like Mastercard, Visa Card, American Express, Diners Club, Giro pay and many more.