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500 Justice Points



- 500 Justice Points


Necessary requirements for this product:


- Character at level 85

- Items at level 329


Amount of time needed:


- 1-2 days

$ 18,93 buy 500 Justice Points

WoW Justice Points Information

With the third expansion Cataclysm, World of Warcraft introduces a new kind of “currency“ that can be used to purchase high-class tier sets: The WoW Valor Points and Justice Points.

Valor Points are rewarded to players for participating in instanced PvE content like dungeons and raids. For the successful completion of the first random heroic dungeon each day and for defeating raid bosses, players acquire Valor Points.

Defeating bosses in heroic instances and the successful completion of the first normal dungeon each day are rewarded with Justice Points.

The tier sets that are available for Valor Points are slightly different to those that can be acquired for Justice Points. There are different tier sets for the various classes, fit to their specific needs.

At Online Gold, you can get WoW Justice Points which will let you afford these outstanding tier sets without participating in dungeons and raids all the time. If you don't feel like collecting Justice Points or simply lack the time to do so, you will make a find here!

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