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Tibia Gold

The delivery happens ingame. Please choose the right server and the delivery type while ordering. Provide your character name during the checkout process.

For the delivery of your Tibia Gold, we employ the delivery type „face to face“. You will receive your ordered Gold directly ingame from another character.

Afterwards, you can use your Tibia Gold in every way you want. Buy new equipment for your character, get new weapons to defeat all kinds of enemies faster and easier, obtain a good stash of potions and buff food, and much more.

Delivery type "Face to Face"
As soon as we receive your payment, our employees will whisper to you ingame. Please meet with our employee immediately for the Gold handover.


Delivery time:
The delivery is about 12-48 hours after payment receipt. However, we can fulfil 90% of our orders within 1-12 hours after payment is received. Besides that, our support team is at your service at any time.


Have fun with your Tibia Gold from Online Gold!