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Star Wars The Old Republic is the second MMO set in the Star Wars universe (after Star Wars Galaxies) and is considered as a main contender of the market leader World of Warcraft. Due to the powerful licence, countless fans are guaranteed to play SWTOR. Furthermore, the game offers fully dubbed dialogue, typical Star Wars atmosphere and fitting races, classes, weapons, planets and much more.

If you want to extend your playtime in SWTOR, just buy SWTOR Gamecards! The Game Time Card code is sent to you by eMail. Buy SWTOR Gamecard and you can easily use it in your SWTOR account. Expand your gametime in Star Wars The Old Republic for 60 days  in an easy way - with the SWTOR Gamecard!

Take the role of one of 8 classes – 4 on each side, Jedi or Sith and their respective allies – and experience the Star Wars universe from very different perspectives.Enjoy the atmosphere of Star Wars The Old Republic, get thrilled by a phenomenal epic story and write your own story.

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