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500M Maplestory M (Mobile) Mesos
Delivery time: 5-360 minutes
Server: EU-Scania
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Maple Story Mesos Information

During your long travels through the world of Maple Story, you're constantly lacking of the Mesos you would need to buy all the beautiful things? 

Here you can get Maple Story Mesos fast, secure and cheap. Mesos are the currency in Maple Story and can be used to buy a lot of items, weapons and equipment.

Don't be afraid, the purchase of Maple Story Mesos is legal and secure! Reports and statements about the topic, written by lawyers specializing in online laws, are available throughout the internet.

You will receive your Maple Story Mesos from Online Gold as soon as possible, in most cases within a few hours after receipt of payment. Delivery of the Maple Story Mesos happens face to face ingame or via the auction house.

Meeting point for the deilvery of your Maple Story Mesos:
channel 10 Free Market door 7

You can easily order your Maple Story Mesos on our website. Online Gold guarantees quality and quickness. Just choose the desired amount of Maple Story Mesos and send the order.

Get Maple Story Mesos at very good conditions from Online Gold.

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