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  • Individual PvP Powerleveling Guild Wars 2

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    With our individual PvP Powerleveling Service your Guild Wars 2 character rises to your desired level in no time.


    Get your character to the maximum level within just a few days, no matter at which level you start. This can be done in just a few days. A professional leveling team can ensure to keep the given times. Just choose the start level and the desired end level.


    High flexibility and individuality are guaranteed.


    $ 5,56
  • GW2 PvP Level package 1-19 + 50500 Glory

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    GW2 Glory Level Package 1-19 + 50.500

    With our Guild Wars 2 Glory Powerleveling Package your GW2 character will be PvP leveled completely from 1-19.

    This package contains the following extra goods and services:


    * 50.500 Glory

    * High value armor for your character

    Duration: 12  days

    $ 233,84

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