Guild Wars 2 Items

MMORPGs draw a lot of their attraction from countless equippable items for player characters. Guild Wars 2 is no exception. Depending on their class, race and progress in the game, players get different armor with very own designs and – very important for motivation – improving item values according to the character level.

Here at Online Gold, you can find a selection of the finest Guild Wars 2 Items that are bind on equip and are free to be traded before, unlike those items which bind on pickup to the character. Beyond that, at Online Gold you will also find Guild Wars 2 Items in the category "raw materials" which are needed for crafting, and a range of outstanding Crafted Items by our expert players. 

Buy Guild Wars 2 Items now at Online Gold - make sure to own extraordinary equipment, such as weapons, armors, potions and much more, as well as important materials for your crafting professions, enabling you to create fine items of your own in Guild Wars 2. Buy GW2 Items now at Online Gold!

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