GTA V Account PS4/PS5

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  • GTA V PS4/PS5 Full Access Account | Level 100 | 100M Online Money + 900M In Cars (Total $ 1B+)

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    Freshly made account for you to start the game with all benefits and stress free. The account is loaded with stuff and will make your experience from the game as pleasant as possible!

    Unlocked and obtained properties:
    Club house
    Hangar Base
    Night club
    PKP Mobile Command Post
    Workshop Arena with 2 Garages
    Oppressor MK2
    Car workshop
    3 garages for 20 places
    8 luxury apartments

    The account does not have GTA V purchased. If your main PSN account already has a GTA purchased, then you can simply login with this account and play without the need of buying the game.

    Email login website:
    You can transfer the game profile after 2-4 weeks.
    The account does NOT have GTA V purchased. Only for non-enchanced edition.




    1-24 hours
    $ 172,27