EVE Online

EVE Online takes place in a futuristic universe. Eve Online has been developed by CCP Games and went online June 2003. The game excells in complexity and variability. There is a multitude of careers and other possibilites you may explore for your character. Regardless of being a warrior, trader or producer, there is a career path for everyone in EVE Online.
The frequently appearing extensions and new elements help to never let the game get boring, there is always something new to discover, new areas to explore and new things to learn.

Here at Online Gold you can choose between various products for EVE Online. Between GameTimeCards and Guides for the several careers you can also buy EVE ISK, EVE Online's ingame currency. Trust Online Gold' established quality of service. You can conveniently order from home, your GameTimeCard will even be shipped to your e-Mail account within five minutes from your order!

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