Gamekeys / Gamecards

You want to buy a game but your regular dealer doesn't have it in stock? All shops are far away from your home? Or you want the uncut version but can't find it anywhere?


Keep buying a game simple by ordering a Game Key at Online Gold. With a Key you just have to activate a game after downloading at online on the official website or via a software provided by the manufacturer (like EA Download Manager or Steam). You can also expand a game with an addon in the same way.


In addition, Online Gold offers you Gamecards to extend playtime for you MMORPGs, PSN Cards for the Playstation Network, Microsoft Points and Gold memberships for Xbox Live, Wii Points Cards for Nintendo Wii, gift cards for iTunes, or Addons and DLC for games you already own.


You can buy Game Keys before the game is released and start right away when the game becomes available – often even some days before the official release date!


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