Facebook Coins

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Facebook Coins

The social network Facebook, a community portal and online contacts network founded in 2004, is used by more than 500 million people worldwide. More than 70 language versions are in existence. Facebook also includes a variety of games and applications that are available to the users for free.

Facebook Coins, also known as Facebook Credits, are a virtual currency for a large range of applications and games on Facebook. You can use Facebook Coins to purchase special ingame currencies and items in many games which will help you advance faster and open up new opportunities.

Among a wide selection of other games, Facebook Coins can be used in the world famous games phenomenon FarmVille and its equally successful sequel CityVille, as well as many other games of the top developer Zynga.

The Facebook Credits are not bound to one game or application – you can use them at will for any game or application that supports this payment method.

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