EA Games

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EA Games

EA (Electronic Arts) is one of the Top Publishers of PC and Video Games in the world. Countless successful games, like the Battlefield franchise or The Sims are developed and distributed by EA Games. Here at Online Gold you can choose from a large selection of EA Games. The Sims, FIFA, Battlefield, and many others are offered here at Online Gold!

Online Gold will supply you with a key for your game via eMail fast and comfortably within 5-10 minutes after your payment is received. You may use this key in connection with the EA Desktop App to download the game you paid for – fast, secure and cheap.

Make sure to get the latest titles as well as classics among the successful Electronic Arts Games franchises, including award-winning titles such as The Sims, FIFA, FIFA Manager, Battlefield, Need for Speed, Medal of Honor, Mass Effect, Dragon Age und Command & Conquer. Never miss the newest part of your favorite EA Games series!

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