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Albion Silver Information

Albion Online Silver is, alongside Gold, another ingame currency that you can get for clearing dungeons, trading on the market place and in other ways. If you earn enough Silver, you can even pay your Albion Online subscription with it! As soon as your character is rich enough, you can build your own house, decorate it to your liking and unlock special skills and bonuses. Beyond that, you can even build your own town in Albion Online, choosing from a wide range of buildings.

No matter if you feel like you're born to be a successful trader, want to craft weapons and other items for other players, or you prefer to get right into the heart of battle, against hordes of monsters or against enemy players in duels or massive battles – in order to achieve success quickly, you will need a certain start-up capital, preferrably in the form of Albion Online Silver.

Here at Online Gold, you can buy Albion Online Silver and come closer to fulfilling your dreams about being rich and powerful in Albion Online!